Newman, Jay.

Physics of the life sciences / Jay Newman - New York ; London : London : Springer, 2008. - xvii, 718 p. : ill ; 29 cm.

Includes index

Newton#x2019;s Laws of Motion for a Particle Moving in One Dimension.- Applications of Newton#x2019;s Laws of Motion in One Dimension.- Work and Energy in One Dimension.- Motion, Forces, and Energy in More Than One Dimension.- Momentum.- Rotational Motion.- Ideal Fluids.- Viscous Fluids.- Waves and Resonance.- Sound.- Thermal Energy.- Thermodynamics: Beyond the First Law.- Electric Forces and Fields.- Electric Energy and Potential.- Electric Current and Cell Membranes.- Magnetic Fields.- Electromagnetic Induction and Radiation.- Electromagnetic Waves.- Geometrical Optics.- Optical Lenses and Devices.- Wave Optics.- Imaging Using Wave Optics.- Special Relativity and Quantum Physics.- The Structure of Matter.- Nuclear Physics and Medical Applications. Table of contents

Originally developed for the author's course at Union College, this text is directed at life science students who need to understand the connections of fundamental physics to modern biology and medicine. To aid learning, each chapter contains open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions and quantitative problems.



571.4 / NEP 2008

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