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Advanced computer architecture :

Hwang, Kai.

Advanced computer architecture : parallelism, scalability, programmability / Kai Hwang. - New York : McGraw-Hill, c1993. - xxiv, 771 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. - McGraw-Hill computer science series. Computer organization and architecture. McGraw-Hill series in electrical and computer engineering. Computer engineering. .

Includes bibliographical references (p. 717-738) and index.

5.4. Sequential and Weak Consistency Models. Ch. 6. Pipelining and Superscalar Techniques. 6.1. Linear Pipeline Processors. 6.2. Nonlinear Pipeline Processors. 6.3. Instruction Pipeline Design. 6.4. Arithmetic Pipeline Design. 6.5. Superscalar and Superpipeline Design --
pt. III. Parallel and Scalable Architectures. Ch. 7. Multiprocessors and Multicomputers. 7.1. Multiprocessor System Interconnects. 7.2. Cache Coherence and Synchronization Mechanisms. 7.3. Three Generations of Multicomputers. 7.4. Message-Passing Mechanisms. Ch. 8. Multivector and SIMD Computers. 8.1. Vector Processing Principles. 8.2. Multivector Multiprocessors. 8.3. Compound Vector Processing. 8.4. SIMD Computer Organizations. 8.5. The Connection Machine CM-5. Ch. 9. Scalable, Multithreaded, and Dataflow Architectures. 9.1. Latency-Hiding Techniques. 9.2. Principles of Multithreading. 9.3. Fine-Grain Multicomputers. 9.4. Scalable and Multithreaded Architectures. 9.5. Dataflow and Hybrid Architectures. pt. IV. Software for Parallel Programming. Ch. 10. Parallel Models, Languages, and Compilers. 10.1. Parallel Programming Models. 10.2. Parallel Languages and Compilers. 10.3. Dependence Analysis of Data Arrays. 10.4. Code Optimization and Scheduling. 10.5. Loop Parallelization and Pipelining. Ch. 11. Parallel Program Development and Environments. 11.1. Parallel Programming Environments. 11.2. Synchronization and Multiprocessing Modes. 11.3. Shared-Variable Program Structures. 11.4. Message-Passing Program Development. 11.5. Mapping Programs onto Multicomputers. Ch. 12. UNIX, Mach, and OSF/1 for Parallel Computers. 12.1. Multiprocessor UNIX Design Goals. 12.2. Master-Slave and Multithreaded UNIX. 12.3. Multicomputer UNIX Extensions. 12.4. Mach/OS Kernel Architecture. 12.5. OSF/1 Architecture and Applications. TOC

Aims to present the latest technologies for parallel processing and high performance computing. It deals with advanced computer architecture and parallel processing systems and techniques, providing an integrated study of computer hardware and software systems,

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Computer architecture.

QA76.9.A73 / H87 1993


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