Applied statistics for engineers and scientists /

Devore, Jay L.

Applied statistics for engineers and scientists / Jay Devore, Nicholas Farnum. - 2nd ed. - Belmont, CA : Thomson Brooks/Cole, c2005. - xvii, 605 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 25 cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

1. DATA AND DISTRIBUTIONS. Populations, Samples and Processes. Visual Displays for Univariate Data. Describing Distributions. The Normal Distribution. Other Continuous Distributions. Several Useful Discrete Distributions. Supplementary Exercises. Bibliography. 2. NUMERICAL SUMMARY MEASURES. Measures of Center. Measures of Variability. More Detailed Summary Quantities. Quantile Plots. Supplementary Exercises. Bibliography. 3. BIVARIATE AND MULTIVARIATE DATA AND DISTRIBUTIONS. Scatter Plots. Correlation. Fitting a Line to Bivariate Data. Nonlinear Relationships. Using More Than One Predictor. Joint Distributions. Supplementary Exercises. Bibliography. 4. OBTAINING DATA. Operational Definitions. Data from Sampling. Data from Experiments. Measurement Systems. Supplementary Exercises. Bibliography. 5. PROBABILITY AND SAMPLING DISTRIBUTIONS. Chance Experiments. Probability Concepts. Conditional Probability and Independence. Random Variables. Sampling Distributions. Describing Sampling Distributions. Supplementary Exercises. Bibliography. 6. QUALITY CONTROL. Terminology. How Control Charts Work. Control Charts for Mean and Variance. Process Capability Analysis. Control Charts for Attribute Data. Reliability. Supplementary Exercises. Bibliography. 7. ESTIMATION AND STATISTICAL INTERVALS. Point Estimation. Large-Sample Confidence Intervals for a Population Mean. More Large-Sample Confidence Intervals. Small-Sample Intervals Based on a Normal Population Distribution. Intervals for 1- 2 Based on a Normal Population Distributions. Other Topics in Estimation (Optional). Supplementary Exercises. Bibliography. 8. TESTING STATISTICAL HYPOTHESES. Hypotheses and Test Procedures. Tests Concerning Hypotheses About Means. Tests Concerning Hypotheses About a Categorical Population. Testing the Form of a Distribution. Further Aspects of Hypothesis Testing. Supplementary Exercises. Bibliography. 9. THE ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE. Terminology and Concepts. Single-Factor ANOVA. Interpreting ANOVA Results. Randomized Block Experiments. Supplementary Exercises. Bibliography. 10. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN. Terminology and Concepts. Two-Factor Designs. Multifactor Designs. 2k Designs. Fractional Factorial Designs. Supplementary Exercises. Bibliography. 11. INFERENTIAL METHODS IN REGRESSION AND CORRELATION. Regression and Models Involving a Single Independent Variable. Inferences About the Slope Coefficient ss. Inferences Based on the Estimated Regression Line. Multiple Regression Models. Inferences in Multiple Regression. Further Aspects of Regression Analysis. Supplementary Exercises. Bibliography. APPENDIX TABLES. ANSWERS TO ODD-NUMBERED EXERCISES. INDEX. TOC

Incorporating real examples and data from published sources, this textbook explains how data is collected to characterize samples and populations, and introduces the statistical models and methods Read more...

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Mathematical statistics.

Engineering -- Statistical methods.

QA276 / .D46 2005

519.5 / DEA 2005

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