Ross, Ivan A.

Medicinal plants of the world : chemical constituents, traditional and modern medicinal uses / Ivan A. Ross. - New Jersey : Humana Press, 2005. - xv, 623 p. : ill ; 26 cm.

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Includes bibliographical references.

Front Matter; Camellia sinensis; Cannabis sativa; Cocos nucifera; Coffea arabica; Daucus carota; Ferula assafoetida; Hordeum vulgare; Larrea tridentata; Nicotiana tabacum; Olea europaea; Oryza sativa; Plantago ovata; Saccharum officinarum; Serenoa repens; Sesamum indicum; Zingiber officinale; Back Matter. Table of contents

A compendium of information on herbal medicine, this volume documents the medicinal value of 16 major plant species widely used around the world in medical formulations. It offers information on how each plant is used in different countries, describing both traditional therapeutic applications and what is known from its use in clinical trials.


Medicine and health

Medicinal plants Pharmacy

615.32 / ROM 2005

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