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Modern industrial organization /

Carlton, Dennis W.

Modern industrial organization / Dennis W. Carlton, Jeffrey M. Perloff. - 4th ed. - Boston : Pearson/Addison Wesley, c2005. - xxiii, 822 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. - The Addison-Wesley series in economics .

Includes bibliographical references (p. 737-779) and index.

I. INTRODUCTION AND THEORY. 1. Overview. 2. The Firm and Costs. II. MARKET STRUCTURES. 3. Competition. 4. Monopolies, Monopsonies, and Dominant Firms. 5. Cartels. 6. Oligopoly. 7. Product Differentiation and Monopolistic Competition. 8. Industry Structure and Performance. III. BUSINESS PRACTICES: STRATEGIES AND CONDUCT. 9. Price Discrimination. 10. Advanced Topics in Pricing. 11. Strategic Behavior. 12. Vertical Integration and Vertical Restrictions. IV. INFORMATION, ADVERTISING, AND DISCLOSURE. 13. Information. 14. Advertising and Disclosure. V. DYNAMIC MODELS AND MARKET CLEARING. 15. Decision Making Over Time: Durability. 16. Patents and Technological Change. 17. How Markets Clear: Theory and Facts. VI. GOVERNMENT POLICIES AND THEIR EFFECTS. 18. International Trade. 19. Antitrust Laws and Policy. 20. Regulation and Deregulation. TOC


'Modern Industrial Organization', fourth edition, goes beyond the traditional structure-conduct-performance framework by using the latest advances in microeconomic theory including transaction cost analysis, game theory, contestability, and information economics. It has been updated to reflect new trends and topics.



Industrial organization (Economic theory)

HD2326 / .C376 2005

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