Language and cognition : essays in honor of Arthur J. Bronstein / edited by Lawrence J. Raphael, Carolyn B. Raphael, and Miriam R. Valdovinos. - New York : Plenum Press, c1984. - xix, 285 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. - Cognition and language .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Notes on Borrow(ing) Pit.- The Metaterm 'Cause'.- Assessing the Perception of Speech.- The Pronunciation Judgment Test, 1939-1978.- Surprise.- Stuttering as an Expression of Inefficient Language Development.- Transformations-Meaning-Preserving or Text-Destroying?.- A Method for Eliciting Verbal Graffiti.- Quo Vadunt Studia Classica?.- On Consonants and Syllable Boundaries.- The Continuing Education of the Professional.- Some Data on Second Language Acquisition and Retention by Older Children.- Generative Generative Phonology.- A Note on Replies.- The Phoneme.- Recipe for Relevance.- The Speech of New York City.- Language and Psychoanalysis.- Continuities and Discontinuities in Language Development over the First Two Years.- On the Counterverbality of 'Nonverbal' as a Verbal Term.- Why Do Children Talk?.- The Role of Formant Transitions in the Perception of Stress in Disyllables.- Aspects of Deixis in the Language of Children with Autism and Related Childhood Psychoses.- Jonathan Boucher's Farewell Sermon. Table of contents

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Language and languages.

P26.B77 / L36 1984


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