Teaching languages to young learners /

Cameron, Lynne.

Teaching languages to young learners / Lynne Cameron. - New Delhi ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2001. - xvi, 258 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. - Cambridge language teaching library. .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Children learning a foreign language --
Taking a learning-centred perspective --
Piaget --
Vygotsky --
Bruner --
From learning to language learning --
Advantages to starting young with foreign languages --
The foreign language: describing the indivisible --
Summary of key learning principles --
Learning language through tasks and activities --
The task as an environment for learning --
Task demands --
Task support --
Balancing demands and support --
The importance of language learning goals --
Defining 'task' for young learner classrooms --
Stages in a classroom task --
Hani's Weekend: Possible preparation and follow-up activities --
Task-as-plan and task-in-action --
Learning the spoken language --
Learning the spoken language: guiding principles --
Discourse and discourse events --
Meaning first --
Analysis of a task-in-action --
Discourse skills development in childhood --
Effective support for children's foreign language discourse skills --
Short activities for learning the spoken language --
Supporting the spoken language with written language --
Using dialogues --
Learning words --
Vocabulary development in children's language learning --
Organisation of words in a language --
Learning and teaching vocabulary --
Children's vocabulary learning strategies --
Learning grammar --
A place for grammar? --
Different meanings of 'grammar' --
Development of the internal grammar --
A learning-centred approach to teaching grammar: background --
Principles for learning-centred grammar teaching. TOC

This book develops readers' understanding of what happens in classrooms where children are being taught a foreign language. It will offer readers a framework to structure thinking about children's language training. The book gives practical advice on how to analyze and evaluate classroom activities, language use and language development.

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Language and languages -- Study and teaching (Elementary).

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