Nederveen Pieterse, Jan.

Development theory : deconstructions/reconstructions / Jan Nederveen Pieterse. - 2nd ed. - Los Angeles, Calif. ; London : SAGE, 2010. - xviii, 252 p. ; 24 cm. - Theory, culture & society . - Theory, culture & society (Unnumbered) .

Previous ed.: 2001.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Trends in Development Theory Development in Question The Status of Development Theory Meanings of 'Development' over Time Development Is Struggle The Development Field Trends in Development Theory Dilemmas of Development Discourse: The Crisis of Developmentalism and the Comparative Method From Evolutionism to Development Development as Redemption The Crisis of Developmentalism Options From Bipolarity to Polycentrism The Deconstruction of the West The Development of Development Theory: Towards Critical Globalism Notions of Change Development Theories in the Plural Modernization Revisited Critical Globalism Delinking or Globalization? The Cultural Turn in Development: Questions of Power National Culture Local Culture Culture/Power Add Culture and Stir Development and Cultural Liberty My Paradigm or Yours? Variations on Alternative Development Alternative Development Alternative Development Paradigm Paradigm Politics Mainstream Development Conclusion After Post-Development Problematizing Poverty Development=Westernization Critique of Modernism and Science Development as Discourse Alternatives to Development Anti-Managerialism Dichotomic Thinking Politics of Post-Development Coda Equity and Growth Revisited: From Human Development to Social Development Social Development Redistribution with Growth Lessons of East Asia Human Development Lessons of Welfare States Social Capital Conclusion Critical Holism and the Tao of Development Remedying Remedies Wholeness, Holism Contradictions of Modernity Development and High Modernism Shortcuts and Other Remedies Towards the Tao of Development Digital Capitalism and Development: The Unbearable Lightness of ICT4D Bridging the Digital Divide ICT4D as a Package Deal Digital Capitalism? Cyber Utopia ICT4D and Development Studies ICT4D and Development Policy Futures of Development Futures of Development Thinking Development as Collective Learning Complexity Reflexive Modernity, Reflexive Development Reconstructions Twenty-First Century Globalization and Development Twenty-First Century Globalization Turning Points New Development Era Development Pluralism International Development Cooperation After the Crisis Table of contents


Long awaited Second Edition of this popular exploration of development theory, from one of the leading figures in field.

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Development economics.
Economic development--Sociological aspects.

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