Oshima, Alice.

Introduction to academic writing / Alice Oshima and Ann Hogue. - 3rd ed. - White Plains, NY : Pearson/Longman, c2007. - xii, 221 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. - Longman academic writing series .

Rev. ed. of: Introduction to academic writing. 2nd ed. 1997. Includes index.

Part I The Paragraph Chapter 1 Paragraph Format What Is Academic Writing? Organization Paragraph Format Model: Handwritten Assignment Introducing Myself Model: Computer-Written Assignment Introducing Myself Capitalization Capitalization Rules Sentence Structure Model: Sentence Structure A Person Who Has Made a Difference: George Lucas Simple Sentences Subject-Verb Agreement Fragments The Writing Process Overview Step 1 Prewriting Step 2 Organizing Step 3 Writing Step 4 Polishing: Revising and Editing Review Writing Assignment Chapter 2 Narrative Paragraphs Model: Narrative Paragraph Earthquake! Organization Time Order Time Order Signals Sentence Structure Model: Compound Sentences Omusubi Kororin Compound Sentences with and, but, so, and or Coordinating Conjunctions Punctuation Three Comma Rules The Writing Process Freewriting Model: Freewriting A Memorable Event in My Life Review Writing Assignment Chapter 3 Paragraph Structure Organization Three Parts of a Paragraph Model: Three Parts of a Paragraph A Hawaiian Wedding The Topic Sentence Supporting Sentences Examples The Concluding Sentence Punctuation Apostrophes The Writing Process Outlining Model: Detailed Outline Music Styles and Fashion Review Writing Assignment Summary Writing I Chapter 4 Descriptive Paragraphs Organization Model: Descriptive Paragraph The Stairway Spatial Order Spatial Order Signals Topic Sentences for Descriptive Paragraphs Supporting Sentences for Descriptive Paragraphs Model: Descriptive Details My Banana Garden Paragraph Unity Sentence Structure Model: Compound Sentences SupaiVillage Compound Sentences with yet, for, and nor Varying Sentence Openings The Writing Process Clustering Model: Clustering A Place from My Childhood Review Skill Sharpeners Writing Assignment Chapter 5 Logical Division of Ideas Organization Model: Logical Division of Ideas Paragraph Why I Don't Have a Credit Card Logical Division of Ideas Coherence Using Nouns and Pronouns Consistently Transition Signals Sentence Structure Run-Ons and Comma Splices Review Skill Sharpeners Writing Assignment Chapter 6 Process Paragraphs Organization Model: Process Paragraph How to Build a One-Match Campfire Time Order Time Order Signals Sentence Structure Model: Clauses and Complex Sentences How to Give the Cat a Pill Clauses Complex Sentences Subordinates Review Skill Sharpeners Writing Assignment Chapter 7 Comparison/Contrast Paragraphs Organization Models: Comparison/Contrast Paragraphs Paragraph 1: Right Brain/Left Brain Paragraph 2: Two Job Applicants Block Organization Point-by-Point Organization Sentence Structure Model: Comparison/Contrast SignalsTwo Varieties of English Comparison Signals Contrast Signals Review Skill Sharpeners Writing Assignment Chapter 8 Definition Paragraphs Organization Models: Definition Paragraphs Paragraph 1: The Underground Railroad Paragraph 2: Courage Sentence Structure Model: Appositives and Adjective Clauses Holidays with Pagan Origins Appositives Adjective Clauses Complex Sentences with Adjective Clauses Subject Pronouns: who, which, that Object Pronouns: whom, which, that, O (no pronoun) Clauses with when Review Skill Sharpeners Review Practice Part II The Essay Chapter 9 Essay Organization Organization Three Parts of an Essay Model: Essay Structure Styles of Popular Music The Introductory Paragraph Body Paragraphs The Concluding Paragraph Transitions Between Paragraphs Essay Outlining Model: Essay Outline Planning an Essay Step 1 Prewriting Step 2 Organizing Step 2A Group Ideas Logically Step 2B Make an Outline Review Skill Sharpeners Writing Assignment Summary Writing II Chapter 10 Opinion Essays Model: Opinion Essay The Right to Die Organization The Introductory Paragraph Body Paragraphs The Concluding Paragraph Developing Supporting Details Quotations Rules for Using and Punctuating Quotations Statistics Review Skill Sharpeners Writing Assignment Appendices Appendix A: Journal Writing How Journal Writing Can Help You How to Start Appendix B: Correction Symbols Appendix C: Summary of Puncutation Rules Appendix D: Kinds of Sentences and Master List of Connecting Words Kinds of Sentences Connecting Words Coordinating Conjunctions Subordinating Conjunctions Subordinating Words for Adjective Clauses Appendix E: Master Chart of Transition Signals Appendix F: Peer-Editing and Self-Editing Worksheets; Scoring Rubrics Scoring Rubrics Peer-Editing Self-Editing Table of contents

The Longman Academic Writing series is the essential course to prepare students for academic success

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