Ophthalmic drug delivery systems / edited by Ashim K. Mitra. - 2nd ed. Rev. and expanded - New York : Marcel Dekker, c2003. - xiv, 727 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. - Drugs and the pharmaceutical sciences ; 130 . - Drugs and the pharmaceutical sciences ; .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Fundamental considerations: overview of ocular drug delivery, Sreeraj Macha, Patrick M. Hughes, and Ashim K. Mitra; membrane transport processes in the eye, Gangadhar Sunkara and Uday Kompella; general considerations in ocular drug disposition, JamesE. Chastain. Transport models in ocular drug delivery: ocular drug transfer following systemic drug administration, Nelson L. Jumbe and Michael Miller; ocular pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, Ronald Schoenwald; mathematical modelling of drugdistribution in the vitreous humour, Stuart Friederich, Bradley Saville, and Yu-Ling Cheng; anterior segment microdialysis, Kay Rittenhouse; posterior segment microdialysis, Sreeraj Macha and Ashim K. Mitra. Drug delivery systems: conventional systems;ocular penetration enhancers, Thomas Wai-Yip Lee and Joseph Robinson; corneal collagen shields for ocular delivery, Shiro Higaki, Marvin E. Myles, Jeanette M. Loutsch, and James M. Hill; the non-corneal route in ocular drug delivery, Imran Ahmed; oculariontophoresis, Marvin E. Myles, Jeanete M. Loutsch, Shiro Higaki, and James M. Hill; mucoadhesive polymers in ophthalmic drug delivery, Thomas Johnston, Clapton Dias, Hemant Alur and Ashim K. Mitra; microparticulates and nanoparticles in ocular drugdelivery, Murali K. Kothuri, Swathi Pinnamaneni, Nandita G. Das, and Sudip K. Das; dendrimers - an innovative and enhanced ocular drug delivery system, jeanette M. Loutsch, Desiree Ong, and James M. Hill; delivery of macromolecular therapeutic agents;ocular delivery and therapeutics of peptides and proteins, Surajit Dey, Ramesh Krishnamurthy, and Ashim K. Mitra; retinal disease models for development of drug and gene therapies, Leena Pitkanen, Lotta Salminen, and Arto Urtti; new experimentaltherapeutic approaches for degenerative diseases of the retina, Joyce Tombran-Tink; gene, oligonucleotide and ribozyme therapy in the eye, Sudip K. Das and Keith J. Miller. Regulatory aspects: regulatory considerations, Robert E. Roehrs and Scott D.Krueger; patent considerations, Robert E. Roehrs. Table of contents

The second edition of this text assembles significant ophthalmic advances and encompasses breakthroughs in gene therapy, ocular microdialysis, vitreous drug disposition modelling, and receptor/transporter targeted drug delivery.

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Ophthalmic drugs.
Drug delivery systems.
Eye diseases--drug therapy.
Ophthalmic Solutions--administration & dosage.

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