Ophthalmic drug delivery systems /

Ophthalmic drug delivery systems / edited by Ashim K. Mitra. - 2nd ed. Rev. and expanded - New York : Marcel Dekker, c2003. - xiv, 727 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. - Drugs and the pharmaceutical sciences ; 130 . - Drugs and the pharmaceutical sciences ; .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Fundamental considerations: overview of ocular drug delivery, Sreeraj Macha, Patrick M. Hughes, and Ashim K. Mitra; membrane transport processes in the eye, Gangadhar Sunkara and Uday Kompella; general considerations in ocular drug disposition, JamesE. Chastain. Transport models in ocular drug delivery: ocular drug transfer following systemic drug administration, Nelson L. Jumbe and Michael Miller; ocular pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, Ronald Schoenwald; mathematical modelling of drugdistribution in the vitreous humour, Stuart Friederich, Bradley Saville, and Yu-Ling Cheng; anterior segment microdialysis, Kay Rittenhouse; posterior segment microdialysis, Sreeraj Macha and Ashim K. Mitra. Drug delivery systems: conventional systems;ocular penetration enhancers, Thomas Wai-Yip Lee and Joseph Robinson; corneal collagen shields for ocular delivery, Shiro Higaki, Marvin E. Myles, Jeanette M. Loutsch, and James M. Hill; the non-corneal route in ocular drug delivery, Imran Ahmed; oculariontophoresis, Marvin E. Myles, Jeanete M. Loutsch, Shiro Higaki, and James M. Hill; mucoadhesive polymers in ophthalmic drug delivery, Thomas Johnston, Clapton Dias, Hemant Alur and Ashim K. Mitra; microparticulates and nanoparticles in ocular drugdelivery, Murali K. Kothuri, Swathi Pinnamaneni, Nandita G. Das, and Sudip K. Das; dendrimers - an innovative and enhanced ocular drug delivery system, jeanette M. Loutsch, Desiree Ong, and James M. Hill; delivery of macromolecular therapeutic agents;ocular delivery and therapeutics of peptides and proteins, Surajit Dey, Ramesh Krishnamurthy, and Ashim K. Mitra; retinal disease models for development of drug and gene therapies, Leena Pitkanen, Lotta Salminen, and Arto Urtti; new experimentaltherapeutic approaches for degenerative diseases of the retina, Joyce Tombran-Tink; gene, oligonucleotide and ribozyme therapy in the eye, Sudip K. Das and Keith J. Miller. Regulatory aspects: regulatory considerations, Robert E. Roehrs and Scott D.Krueger; patent considerations, Robert E. Roehrs. TOC

The second edition of this text assembles significant ophthalmic advances and encompasses breakthroughs in gene therapy, ocular microdialysis, vitreous drug disposition modelling, and receptor/transporter targeted drug delivery.

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Ophthalmic drugs.
Drug delivery systems.
Eye diseases--drug therapy.
Ophthalmic Solutions--administration & dosage.

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