Liang, Daniel Y.

Introduction to Java programming and data structures : comprehensive version / Daniel Y. Liang. - 11th ed. (Global Edition). - New York : Pearson ; 2019. - 1232 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.

Includes index.

1. Introduction to Computers, Programs, and Java2. Elementary Programming3. Selections4. Mathematical Functions, Characters, and Strings 5. Loops6. Methods7. Single-Dimensional Arrays8. Multidimensional Arrays9. Objects and Classes10. Object-Oriented Thinking11. Inheritance and Polymorphism12. Exception Handling and Text I/O13. Abstract Classes and Interfaces14. JavaFX Basics15. Event-Driven Programming and Animations16. JavaFX UI Controls and Multimedia17. Binary I/O18. Recursion19. Generics20. Lists, Stacks, Queues, and Priority Queues21. Sets and Maps22. Developing Efficient Algorithms 23. Sorting24. Implementing Lists, Stacks, Queues, and Priority Queues25. Binary Search Trees26. AVL Trees27. Hashing28. Graphs and Applications29. Weighted Graphs and Applications30. Aggregate Operations for Collection Streams AppendixesAppendix A Java KeywordsAppendix B The ASCII Character SetAppendix C Operator Precedence ChartAppendix D Java ModifiersAppendix E Special Floating-Point ValuesAppendix F Number SystemsAppendix G Bitwise OperationsAppendix H Regular ExpressionsAppendix I Enumerated types Bonus Chapters 31-44 are available from the Companion Website at 31. Advanced JavaFX and FXML32. Multithreading and Parallel Programming33. Networking34. Java Database Programming35. Advanced Database Programming36. Internationalization37. Servlets38. JavaServer Pages39. JavaServer Faces40. RMI41. Web Services42. 2-4 Trees and B-Trees43. Red-Black Trees44. Testing Using JUnit Table of contents

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Java (Computer program language)
Computers and IT.

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