Szeliski, Richard, 1958-

Computer vision : algorithms and applications / Richard Szeliski. - London ; New York : Springer, c2011. - xx, 812 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 29 cm. - Texts in computer science .

Includes bibliographical references (p. [691]-792) and index.

Introduction. What is computer vision? ;A brief history ;Book overview ;Sample syllabus ;Notation --
Image formation. Geometric primitives and transformations ;Photometric image formation ;The digital camera --
Image processing. Point operators ;Linear filtering ;More neighborhood operators ;Fourier transforms ;Pyramids and wavelets ;Geometric transformations ;Global optimization --
Feature detection and matching. Points and patches ;Edges ;Lines --
Segmentation. Active contours ;Split and merge ;Mean shift and mode finding ;Normalized cuts ;Graph cuts and energy-based methods --
Feature-based alignment. 2D and 3D feature-based alignment ;Pose estimation ;Geometric intrinsic calibration --
Structure from motion. Triangulation ;Two-frame structure from motion ;Factorization ;Bundle adjustment ;Constrained structure and motion --
Dense motion estimation. Translational alignment ;Parametric motion ;Spline-based motion ;Optical flow ;Layered motion --
Image stitching. Motion models ;Global alignment ;Compositing --
Computational photography. Photometric calibration ;High dynamic range imaging ;Super-resolution and blur removal ;Image matting and compositing ;Texture analysis and synthesis --
Stereo correspondence. Epipolar geometry ;Sparse correspondence ;Dense correspondence ;Local methods ;Global optimization ;Multi-view stereo --
3D reconstruction. Shape from X ;Active rangefinding ;Surface representations ;Point-base representations ;Volumetric representations ;Model-based reconstruction ;Recovering texture maps and albedos --
Image-based rendering. View interpolation ;Layered depth images ;Light fields and Lumigraphs ;Environment mattes ;Video-base rendering --
Recognition. Object detection ;Face recognition ;Instance recognition ;Category recognition ;Context and scene understanding ;Recognition databases and test sets. Table of contents

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Computer vision.
Image processing.
Computer algorithms.
Maschinelles Sehen.

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