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245 0 0 _aWorking with texts :
_ba core introduction to language analysis /
_cRonald Carter ... [et al.].
250 _a2nd ed.
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300 _axviii, 342 p. :
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504 _aIncludes bibliographical references (p. 325-326) and indexes.
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_a Unit one: Signs and sounds: Aims of this unit; Contents; Texts used include; Signs: What is a sign?; As simple as ABC; Where it's @; From speech to writing; Space-shifting; Who's in the picture; Sounds: A sounds alphabet; Speech production and description: consonants; It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it; Sound symbolism; Speech production and description: vowels; Answers to activities. Unit two: Words and things, Aims of this unit; Contents; Texts used include; What are words made of?; Words and Meanings: Lexical ambiguity: say what you mean, or mean what you say?; Metaphor: life's a beach, and then you fry; Idiomatic language: flogging dead crocodiles and keeping your feet under water; Computer analysis of words; Denotation and connotation: what are words worth?; Words and Histories: Got any spare words?; Words mean what I want them to mean; Get your new words here! Creating new words; Answers to activity; Commentaries on activities. Unit three: Sentences and structures, Aims of this unit; Contents; Texts used include; Nouns and Patterns: Pronouns and patterns; Verbs and Patterns: Modals and modality; Sentences and Patterns: Actives, passives and meanings; Computers, passives and meanings; Answer and commentary on activity. Unit four: Text and context: written discourse, Aims of this unit; Contents; Texts used include; Make and Mend; Tracing the Patterns: Lexical cohesion; Grammatical cohesion; Information structure; The Textile Industry; Answers to activities. Unit five: Text and context: spoken discourse, Aims of this unit; Contents; Texts used include; Speech Events; Storytelling: Spoken versus written; Labov's narrative categories; Speeches; Conversation: 'Real' talk - what is it like?; Conversational maxims; Sequencing in conversation; CMC; Some guidelines on collecting speech; Some guidelines on collecting CMC; Some guidelines on transcription; The Representation of Talk: Genderised talk: real and represented; The representation of region, social class and ethnicity; Answer to activity; Commentaries on activities. Unit six: Application, Aims of this unit. Further reading; References; List of URLs; Index of terms; Index of main texts.
520 _aRecoge: Signos y sonidos; Palabras y cosas; Enunciados y estructuras; Texto y contexto: discurso escrito, discurso hablado.
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590 _aSaifun Momota
650 0 _aLanguage and languages
_vProblems, exercises, etc.
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_vProblems, exercises, etc.
650 0 _aEnglish language
_xWritten English
_vProblems, exercises, etc.
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