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_bENC 2018
245 _aEncyclopedia of library and information sciences /
_cedited by John D McDonald and Michael Levine-Clark
250 _a4th ed.
260 _aBoca Raton :
_bCRC Press,
300 _a7 volumes (xlvii, 5076, I-96 pages) :
_bill. ;
_c29 cm
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index
505 _tTOC
_a V. 1. From academic libraries To : Careers and Education in records and information management -- v. 2. From Cataloging To: Engineering literatures and their uses -- v. 3. -- From Epistemology To: Information retrieval experimentation -- v. 4. From information retrieval protocols: Z39.50 and search and retrieve via URL To : Library publishing initiatives: North America -- v. 5. From library science in the United States : Early history To : Philosophy of science -- v. 6. From : Physical sciences and mathematics literature and their uses To: Special librarianship -- v. 7. From special libraries To : Zoological park and aquarium libraries and archives.
520 _a Fourth edition continues this series with an extensive focus on the aspects of library and information sciences that have been heavily impacted by the adoption and reliance on online information distribution. This focus is reflected in the inclusion of numerous new entries such as digital preservation, altmetrics, web-scale disovery services, demand-driven acquisitions, and global open knowledge bases. The expanded use of the Internet for information has led to new treatment of traditional LIS topics such as resource description and access (RDA) that reflects the adoption of new standards for cataloging. Both current editors are academic research librarians and focused heavily on addressing gaps in the encyclopedia related to academic research information while still relying on the structure established in earlier editions. This edition also expands the number of entries for named cultural and information entities that did not appear in previous editions. - From back cover.
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590 _aSagar Shahanawaz
650 _aDigital preservation.
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650 _aLibrary science
700 1 _aMcDonald, John D.
700 _aLevine-Clark, Michael.
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